Our cables are manufactured in Mexico by skilled labor, 100% Mexican, our experience is not only in the assembly but in the manufacture, we are the only experts: we manufacture our own cables, sleeves, machined terminals, as well as all the tooling that are required for its development.

Since our birth we have offered the market products of the best quality, service and price.

Our guarantee is 100%

We use the highest quality raw materials and comply with international standards, which allows us to export our products to different parts of the world.

For our quality, service, price and constant development of new products make us the best option in the market.

We have manufacturing plants with the greatest experience, dedicated exclusively to control control cables and their components. The staff is highly qualified, our equipment and machinery are the necessary ones to develop molds, extrude and inject plastics, manufacture the different types of cables and all the tools that are required to have the best price.