Achieving the highest degree of EXCELLENCE in our fields of action, which means excelling in what we do with those with whom we compete, making things better than others.


To achieve this we have to feel the purpose and the direction we are pursuing, as well as having a deep understanding of the fundamental values ​​that motivate our organization.


Our mission and core values ​​are permanent guidelines to strengthen our relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, authorities and shareholders.



"Mexican products, despite what you may think, have a great acceptance in the world and it is our responsibility to maintain and grow that reputation, guaranteeing our exports with the highest quality and excellent service."


"And that same attitude is what we must assume in the national market, to manufacture high quality products that revive or reinforce the confidence of Mexicans in the products made in the country, because it does not matter whether the manufacturers have large resources or not economic, what is really fundamental is that YOU, as a manufacturer, as a distributor, as an end user, assume a positive attitude, growing day by day, continuously improving to prove that being a MEXICAN, IS A PRIDE".